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Darla Moore

In an exclusive article, Darla Moore discusses her personal commitment to educational philanthropy: the importance of grassroots movements, Teach for America's arrival in South Carolina, public-private partnerships in education and metric driven results ....Read More

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Michael Weinstein: Robin Hood

Michael Weinstein, Robin Hood's Senior Vice President, Programs / Chief Program Officer, discusses measuring impact work among Robin Hood’s grantees ....Read More

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Barbara Bush: Global Health Corps – A Conversation

Barbara Bush, Founder of Global Health Corps, discusses its history, mission, future goals and working to create solutions for a variety of health issues like HIV, maternal child health, nutrition and healthcare access ....Read More

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A Conversation with John Wood

John Wood, Founder, discusses Room to Read, which provides increased access to high-quality educational opportunities through its network of libraries and schools, local language children's books and its girls' education program ....Read More

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Make-A-Wish President & CEO David Williams

David Williams discusses the organizational restructuring that helped drive the fundraising success of Make-A-Wish, and explains the strategic thinking behind the efforts. He also explains the mission driven work that enables the magic of a wish from conception to execution ....Read More

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Transforming Schools. Together.® How Strategic Business Engagement Supports Public Education

Michael Haberman, President of PENCIL, explains the success of public/private partnership. A structured partnership of honest communication and shared talents has formed PENCIL's eighteen year history ....Read More

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Amy Black: Teach for All

Amy Black discusses her time as a Teach For America corps member in Baltimore, as the Washington D.C. Teach For America Executive Director and her role leading Teach For All's growth and development stategy ....Read More

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Tapping the Elusive Donor Pool of “Rational Optimizers”

Scott Thomas posits how nonprofits can attract substantial support from "rational optimizers" through articulation of impact and outcomes-focused communication and gives a framework nonprofits can follow ....Read More

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Naomi Levine: The Paradox Facing Philanthropy Today

Naomi Levine, Executive Director of NYU's Heyman Center for Philanthropy and Fundraising, comments on the paradox philanthropy faces today where the affluent serve as the voice for the poor and marginalized but do not examine the existing economic disparity ....Read More

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New York City Community Based Early Education Organizations: Meeting the Needs of the Future

Professor Odell Mays discusses the history of early childhood services, the challenges they face and opportunities for the future ....Read More

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International Fundraising

Daria Moringiello, a graduate student at NYU's Heyman Center, examines the growing trend of international fundraising through a scope of institutions of higher education ....Read More

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The Importance of Philanthropy to Education

Judith Fox comments on education's pivotal role in society's growth and development and the need for valuable, impactful dollars to make essential change ....Read More

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Using Philanthropy to Create a Booming Social Enterprise Sector

Sonal Gor proposes that philanthropy could boost the social development sector to create sustainable organizations that yield high returns like for profit corporations ....Read More

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